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Kitchener Family Lawyer

Alex Toolsie runs a full service family law firm in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. He is a barrister and solicitor, and like most family lawyers in Ontario practices as a sole practitioner. Alex provides comprehensive legal representation for many types of matters that affect married spouses or couples, including:

Cohabitation Agreements - Separation Agreements - Divorce - Parenting Agreements - Child Custody and Access - Property Division - Child Support - Spousal Support - Emergency Motions - Grandparent Access

An unfortunate reality of life is that divorce affects nearly half of all Canadian marriages, and it can be a devastating experience for spouses and their children. If not handled effectively and on a timely basis, separations can become emotionally and financially destructive for all concerned, including for the children. Watching your family coming apart is no walk in the park. Besides feelings of rejection, anger and fear, one has to deal with the legalities of getting divorced and deciding who will look after the children.

Whether you are having trouble with property division, child custody and access, spousal support, hidden assets and marital fraud, enforcing Court orders or domestic contracts, or trying to have Court orders changed, Alex will help you get through this as efficiently as possible so that you can move forward with your life.

He will represent you aggressively to protect your best interests when you lack the strength to fight for yourself. He is prepared to see you through to the end of your legal battles so that you and your children can get a fresh start in life. Child custody and support cases are often the most bitter of all family law cases. After having a consultation with you, you will be advised on the best way forward and how best to proceed. The office serves the Kitchener Waterloo area, but also clients living in surrounding areas such as Guelph and New Hamburg. To book an appointment call (519) 804 - 9521 or send an email to info@kwlawoffice.ca

Note: While much of the work Alex does is family law related, he also handles some impaired driving law matters. If you need notary public services, such as witnessing documents and commissioning them, he can assist with that was well. This website is intended to emphasize his family law practice. However, individuals facing impaired driving charges under the Criminal Code of Canada are also encouraged to call. Appointments outside business hours can be arranged.

For further information on child custody and child support in Ontario, including matters involving the Family Law Act (Revised Statutes of Ontario), these government websites are informative. Alternatively, please visit my
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