Other Services

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The majority of my law practice is family law based. I also practice some criminal law, with an emphasis on impaired driving trials. In addition to this I do some civil litigation and debt recovery work, including Letters of Demand.

Real Estate

Currently I do not perform or handle real estate closings, however, I anticipate I may start doing so eventually. At present, I can refer clients who need real estate services to other lawyers who do this type of work.

Do You Practice Immigration Law?

Not anymore.

I had exposure to some immigration law when I was articling, including trips to the Federal Court in order to file documents. At present, however, all I can do is refer people to a qualified migration agent. Its simply not an area of the law where I am up to date anymore, and I therefore do not practice this type of law.

Last Wills and Testaments

Yes, I do, but I require at least one week advance notice. So if you make an appointment one week before we meet, then I should have sufficient time to prepare. My rates for drafting an uncomplicated individual will is $350, and $600 for an uncomplicated Wills for a couple. Both amounts are plus HST.

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