Notary Public & Other Services

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The majority of my law practice is family law based. I also practice some criminal law, with an emphasis on impaired driving trials. In addition to this I do some civil litigation and debt recovery work, including Letters of Demand.

Real Estate

Currently I do not perform or handle real estate closings, however, I anticipate I may start doing so eventually. At present, I can refer clients who need real estate services to other lawyers who do this type of work.

Do You Practice Immigration Law?

Not anymore.

I had exposure to some immigration law when I was articling, including trips to the Federal Court in order to file documents. At present, however, all I can do is refer people to a qualified migration agent. Its simply not an area of the law where I am up to date anymore, and I therefore do not practice this type of law.

Last Wills and Testament

Unfortunately, I do not draft or assist with Wills or Powers of Attorney.  Possibly in the future I may add Wills and Powers of Attorney to my law practice, but currently they are beyond the scope of services I provide.  I can, however, recommend other lawyers who do estate law and who may be able to assist with these.

Notary Public Services

All Ontario lawyers, once they are Called to the Bar, are deemed to be Commissioners for Taking Affidavits.  But that doesn’t mean all lawyers are Notary Publics. A Notary Public has all the powers of a Commissioner for Taking Affidavits, and can also verify that signatures, marks and copies of documents are true or genuine.  A Notary Public also has a stamp which imprints a seal into documents to certify that they are true originals, or copies of originals, and that the person signing them has provided identification and sworn an oath.

Fees to Notarize, Commission or Witnessing Documents

My current fees (as of July 2017) for notarizing or commissioning documents is $60 plus H.S.T for the first document, and $20 plus H.S.T for every subsequent document.  These prices tend to be consistent around Ontario.  For example, please click here to compare.  Feel free to call to book an appointment if you require assistance.

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