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Relationship breakdowns, being charged with an offence, or pursuing someone for an unpaid debt. These types of cases sometimes involve sophisticated issues of law and complicated legislation. Sound knowledge of Court procedure, written arguments and extensive discovery are often required. In most instances an average person without legal training is unable to recognize the legal issues involved, institute litigation, or assert the appropriate defenses. In addition, the average person does not possess the skills needed to develop facts, argue law, negotiate settlements, or prepare pleadings.

A lawyer is the key to accessing the benefits of Ontario’s legal system and significantly improves one’s ability to secure a favourable outcome.

The harm resulting from an unfavorable outcome of a legal dispute can be severe and affect you for years. In most disputes the opposing party likely will have aggressive legal representation available. It doesn’t make sense to try and save money by not using a lawyer. In fact, usually this strategy backfires and ends up costing you more in the long run.

My aim is to provide the best possible legal services to my clients. I am proud of the work that I perform for my clients and the satisfaction they express with my services.

I practice mostly family and divorce law, although I have other practice areas as well. Below are the main services I provide. Please click on the links to get the complete info about them.

  • Family Law
  • Criminal Law
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